Concrete World

by Joe Yorke

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Recorded and Produced by John Kettle @ Jaraf House studios.


Joe Yorke - Vocals, Guitar, Whistle
Tim Onions - Fiddle, Concertina
Matty Humphries (Roughneck Riot) - Banjo


released January 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Joe Yorke Manchester, UK

Born and raised in the town of Wigan, Joe Yorke is a versatile musician, producer and songwriter. Joe’s music takes the potency, politics, solidarity and DIY ethics of punk and the influence of British/Irish traditional folk to fertilise a resoundingly warm and heartfelt composition. Song subjects reflect both concrete and abstract politics of the self and society. ... more

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Track Name: Babylon
Wake up out of bed
Here a new day comes
Shake up as I realise
I don't want to succumb
Belt up 'cuz' I know
Thats its got to be done

And I can't stop thinking about you
And I don't know what to do
Yes I'm so confused
Do I need a critical review?
Don't want us to fall through
And which one of us has to move?
How the hell are we 'gonna' choose?
Do we win do we lose?

Well I wish I could go
Where the tree breathe easy
The rivers flow freely
Where do I go
When I was born in a babylon
And Babylon feeds me

Well I wish I could go
Where the trees breathe easy
The rivers flow freely
Its all I know
Born in a babylon

Well your so far away
Ring you up see if everything is ok
Over here its just another day
Need a job to pay my way
And my mind is led astray
By the babylon rules I must obey
And your so far away
Track Name: Send Me Away
Captive to the heavy chains
That are tugging on my brain
Just another sleepless night
A plan to make this world alright

Send me away
Send me away
Send me away
Send me away

I feel the coldness in the air
Just to know that life 'aint' fair
A hungry human takes their toll
Another sits there bare and cold

We watch the richer get more rich
Whilst the poorer get more poor
And they still want more!
The road ahead is long
Can't we establish right from wrong
Track Name: Feed Me
Son do you know where your food comes from?
The neglected food we put to waste
Blind to the truth and to the terror
You still like the taste

Feed me, feed me
Feed me
A slice 'o' leg
And a blood stained sandwich
Not my problem
Not my damage
Feed me, feed me
Feed me more

There 'aint' much logic in the 'animal lover'
It's funny but it drives me round the bend
Kill the cattle in concentration
But these pets are my best friends
Track Name: Concrete World (Lost My 'Ed)
Finding it hard to keep upright
With the strict rules of a concrete world
Can't find my place round here
And the escaping tools they'll never work

Well I think I've lost my head
Suppressed by a ball and a chain
Can't find a path to tread
And the walls are closing in
Well I think I've lost my head

When we walk out to the open fields
I forget and I feel free
Away from Babylon's eyes
Enjoy brief peace and tranquility